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Family + Health + Fitness + Nutrition + Mindful Connection = Happiness

I want to say thank you. Thank you for taking the time for yourself, for reaching out to me, and for joining me on this powerful journey to health and happiness.

Life can get a bit out of hand - between my job in the healthcare industry, raising two girls, and my passion for sharing an effective health and wellness routine. I am constantly trying to balance my health, happiness, and relationships. Lifestyle coaching is often portrayed as a somewhat alluring path. The benefits of helping women find their ideal balance is incredibly rewarding, but everyday is a new opportunity to better myself – as a Beachbody coach, a mother, wife and daughter.

Making a drastic change in your life isn’t easy. That’s why I enjoy connecting with you to learn your story and your ‘why’ so we can work together to break barriers. We can become the healthiest and happiest version of ourselves through mindful connections with the body and mind.  

Life, like anything, has its ups and downs. I was a single mom for 6 years of two young girls who needed my attention 100% of the time. Exhausted yet empowered, I tried to be the best mom possible. I’ll admit, it was hard and I struggled. But I never lost focus on what was important for my family – manifesting and marinating in happiness.

Initially, my day-to-day did not revolve around the concept of balance. Between working full-time, driving my girls to school and activities, and trying to maintain a personal life, I often prioritized the idea of a ‘normal’ life. In retrospect, that period of imbalance helped me realize that I needed to find balance, ignore the demons in my head, believe in myself, and make a serious lifestyle change.

I desired structure so I could enjoy myself, feel like I was bettering myself, and provide a happy life to my daughters. Prioritizing my health, connections, and values were key to creating the life I have today. I’m happy to share that in addition to shifting my mindset, becoming more active and prioritizing balance, I now have a wonderful man who loves my girls and me. I’ve been remarried since 2016 and could not be happier or more fulfilled.

That’s not to say I wasn’t thankful for the struggle. Having a rough patch taught me to work through the pain to find my strength and happiness.

Let's Work Together

What's my "why", you ask?

I was first introduced to a program called Beachbody from my friend Sara, due to an injury that (ironically) happened at my local gym. Sara shared her battle of fitness, nutrition, and finding a program that incorporates ongoing support through a positive community. Intrigued, I wanted to learn more… the power of community seemed to impact Sara’s life positively, yet I wasn’t finding that at the gym. And what was this about nutrition? Couldn’t I just cut out carbs and call it a day?

Finding the program allowed me to realize how hectic my schedule was and how that influenced my mental and physical health. Before joining Beachbody, I was rushing to get to and from the gym before helping my girls get ready for activities, and going to work. Beachbody gave me structure I needed, and the flexibility to cater to my schedule by doing workouts on my time, in my own home. Instead of running late to a group fitness class, the program gives me the freedom to allocate time and space for myself.

My why?

To encourage balance and help other women find happiness, regardless of how busy life can seem. To help busy adults, moms, wives, and friends to take time for themselves. To bring back the fun in movement though tailored coaching programs and a vibrant community of positive support.

I am so excited to meet you and learn more about your story. What motivates you to make a change? Why do you want to make a difference in your life? What brings you joy and how can I help?