Coaching with Team Inspire

Inspire, Empower, and Change Lives

There is something so empowering and humbling about sharing a passion and making mindful connections. Beachbody made such a powerful impact on our lives that we felt the need to share it with others.

Coaching is an opportunity to create the life you want and love.  It’s a way to share your passion and lifestyle with like-minded women. If you feel connected to the Beachbody programs and are excited to help others with their health and fitness journey,  this could be the path for you. As a coach, you decide how much you work and what you put into your business. How empowering is that?

Tammi's Coaching Story

I'll be honest - I started as a discount coach so I could get a 25% discount on my Shakeology. That first coaching step opened a world where I could support women and help change their lives.

Every morning, I am blessed to wake up and workout. I decide when to hit MY GYM ON MY TIME. I no longer fit workouts between the seams of a busy day. I inspire my two little girls to prioritize movement, healthy eating, and positive relationships with women. My girls are surrounded by passionate busy women eager to combine their love for their families and commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

In the end, coaching is a step towards becoming an entrepreneur. Someone who can decide their own hours and give 100% to their work. This business is about us supporting each other, building one another up and spending time the way it should be spent – with the ones we love.

Discount Coach

This is for those who are looking for discounts for their favorite Beachbody products. Maybe you're just interested in dipping their toe into the coaching waters. As a Beachbody coach, you’ll receive 25% off any products, including Shakeology.

Business Coach

Looking to make a difference and encourage like-minded women to take the time and initiative to change their life? As a business coach, you will run your own business. You'll have full autonomy to decide how you want to structure your day, what elements of the program you would like to highlight, and the type of community you want to create.