What are you fueling your body with each day?

Nutrition accounts for 80% of your overall health and fitness. What are you fueling your body with each day? Life is busy and hectic, a few hours of meal prepping each week can greatly impact your nutrition each day. This has been the key for me and an absolute game changer! I’m going to give you a few tips I use to get this done each week.

Throughout the week I look through my cookbooks andPinterest to find 21 day fix approved recipes. I make a grocery list and typically grocery shop on Friday or Saturday. On Saturday I wash my fruits and veggies and chop up what I need to. I typically meal prep on Sunday’s for the week. I make breakfast, lunch and dinner and put them in meal prep containers. This allows me to be able to grab and go during the week. When everything is already prepped it makes it easy to choose healthy, nutritious food.